corporate governance

  1. Corporate governance means the activity carried out by the management of an organization, and it relates to decisions that set expectations, grant authority, or check performance.
  2. It consists of either a separate process or a specific part of the management or leadership processes, and sometimes a group of people who form a government to manage these processes and systems. When talking about an organization, whether it is for-profit or not-for-profit,
  3. Governance means consistent management, coherent policies, direction, operations, and decision-making in a given part of responsibility.
  4. The importance of corporate governance.
  5. Fighting internal corruption in companies and not allowing its existence or continuation.
  6. Achieving and ensuring integrity and integrity for all employees of the company.
  7. Achieving safety and health and the absence of any intentional errors.
  8. Achieving maximum and effective utilization of internal control.
  9. Achieving the highest level of effectiveness from the external auditors, who are the most independent.
  10. The governance system helps protect the interests of all parties.
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